Approval Processes
For Ambitious Managers

Approval Processes For Ambitious Managers

Streamline approval workflows and accelerate decision making
with excellent visibility of your entire approval processes.


Wouldn’t it be great if you could manage your document approvals or purchase order approvals without chasing people or numerous emails and calls?

Commercial Managers, Financial Controllers, HR Managers, it most definitely would be great to ease your workload and certainly is possible!

Optimise your approval processes from simple purchase order approvals, document approvals or timesheet approvals to complex cross-functional approvals with approval workflow software.


Turn your ideas into smart digital solutions with automated approval processes.

Contract Document Approval

Replace your inefficient document approvals with digital approvals processes.

Sign & approve rapidly, shorten your approval cycles and complete document approvals faster and more efficiently.

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Purchase Order Approval

Structure your purchasing process to strictly avoid unexpected expenditure.

Gain control and visibility in your purchase order approval workflow by having a transparent overview of your entire PO process with easy-to-use customisable dashboards.

purchase order approval dashboard

Project Approval Process

Manage your project approvals efficiently and never miss a deadline with approval workflow software. Keep in line with company budgets by completing project approvals on time.

Learn how Mercury Engineering optimised their project approvals process.

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Supplier Onboarding Software

Streamline new supplier approvals for greater control and compliance.

Share online forms with suppliers and avoid re-typing by simply automating your supplier onboarding approval process.

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Employee Timesheet Approval

Create a flexible employee timesheet app to review and approve employees' work hours and track their overtime easily.

Make your timesheet approval workflow easy & hassle free by eliminating additional manual re-work.

partner agreement approval

Where ideas
become solutions

Managing approval workflows such as document approvals or purchase order approvals manually is inefficient and slows the process to a crawl. Learn how to overcome challenges of manual approval processes with digital approval workflows.

Ready to see how you can streamline your approval process?

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