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Every business deal with approval processes. From simple leave approvals to complex cross-functional, multi layered financial approvals. There are two things significantly important here. First, automating this process to achieve high level accuracy, business continuity and visibility. Second, building a solution that meets your ever-changing business requirements today and in the future. We gathered these templates to help you get started with building your own solutions in-house without any programming knowledge to streamline your organisation's approval processes.

✔ Holiday Request Form

Say goodbye to papers, emails or spreadsheets! Holiday approvals template will allow you gather all the information in one place, synchronise to your systems and provide digital or even lazy approvals. Custom-built approval policies, differing based on user profiles, calculating dynamically remaining days will bring ease to your leave request process.

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✔ Per Diem Request

Streamline your organisation’s per diem management and eliminate the errors and achieve consistency. With this template you can set per diem allowance rates based on the location in a standard way. This way, rates can easily be calculated and submitted avoiding any errors or misunderstandings.

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✔ Purchase Order Approval

Automating this process is not only going to save you time, will help you put structure to your purchasing process to avoid unexpected expenditure and its disappointing results. You will gain control over the entire purchasing process from requesting a PO to supplier payment and optimise the process.

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