The most user-friendly
approval workflow software
for innovative digital leaders.

Approval workflow software
for innovative digital leaders.

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Automate all types of approval workflows in a single platform

Budget approval process

Budget Approval

Easily create multi-step approval workflows for capital expenditure, budget approvals or other finance approvals.

Purchase order process

Purchase Order Approval

Better control your purchase order approval process. Introduce a structured process based on your unique requirements.

project approval workflow

Project Approval

Enforce company-wide policies when you are starting a new project together with action control management to gain full visibility.

Contract document approval

Contract Document Approval

Make your contract approval process more efficient with user-friendly online signatures. Gain full visibility with audit trail.

Make your approval process
work for you.

Never miss a deadline with automated reminder emails and discover process bottlenecks with real-time monitoring.

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Digitally sign & approve
as conveniently as paper

From finance managers approving budget requests to suppliers approving contracts, digital signatures accelerate approval workflows by reducing manual tasks.

Bring your document approval process to the digital era by replacing wet signatures with an intuitive sign & approve user experience.

electronic approvals

Approve requests
anytime, anywhere

Doesn't matter whether you are online or not, you can manage your document approval, purchase order approval or any approval requests easily on your device.

No matter where you are.

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Simplify your approval workflows with easy integration

With approval workflow software, you don’t need to constantly switch between applications.

Kianda lets you syncronise your workflows with all of your favourite ERP, CRM and IT systems, whether on-premise or in the cloud, allowing you to complete approval processes rapidly and efficiently.

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Delivering automated solutions & excellent customer service to many digital leaders globally:

We had several processes which needed to be automated, transforming from paper into digital, with our staff dispersed across many jurisdictions with many working remotely and on-the-go. Kianda’s no-code platform was ideal to meet our needs. Reduced processing time throughout the company and brought key knowledge in-house.

Fiona McCabe - Lead IT Business Analyst at Mercury Engineering

Stop chasing people for approvals.
Let the system do it for you.

Approval Workflow Software for Ambitious Organisations

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