Kianda EHSwise sponsors in NISO Safety Conference 2023

The National Irish Safety Organisation (NISO) hosted their annual Health & Safety Conference and All Ireland Occupational Safety Awards on Friday 13th October 2023 in Killarney, Co. Kerry. 

Kianda EHSwise was a key exhibitor at the event, where we proudly presented our innovative Environmental, Health and Safety Software alongside our interactive Safety Kiosk, a quick and easy way for workers to provide observations and feedback on safety issues.

What is NISO (National Irish Safety Organisation)?

NISO is an advisory body that promotes occupational Health and Safety in Ireland. NISO’s goal is to establish that Irish workplaces are among the safest and healthiest in Europe.

They do this by:

  • Providing information, advisory and training services to employers and employees about safety regulations, risk management, and the importance of maintaining a safe work environment.  
  • Promoting a culture of Health and Safety excellence in the workplace  
  • Advancing the National Health and Safety Agenda to improve safety standards  
  • Helping members develop a culture of workplace Health and Safety  

In October 2023, Kianda became an official member of the National Irish Safety Organisation (NISO) in order to actively participate in this goal of promoting and enhancing workplace safety. 

Health & Safety Conference

The NISO Health & Safety Conference boasted a comprehensive agenda featuring keynote speakers, panel discussions, workshops, and interactive sessions. 

The conference covered a wide spectrum of topic including the latest EHS technological advancements, regulatory compliance and effective risk management strategies. 

Attendees participated in thoughtful conversations and exchanging ideas about Health & Safety challenges and opportunities within their organisations. 

EHSwise EHS Software & Safety Kiosk Exhibit

Kianda EHSwise played a leading role in the NISO conference, using the opportunity to present EHSwise and introduce the attendees to our new Digital Safety Kiosk. 

We engaged in discussions about industry best practices and gave attendees an opportunity to try it out for themselves. The response was overwhelmingly positive.  

EHSwise Safety Kiosk is a user-friendly touchscreen display device, a quick and easy way for workers to provide safety observations and highlight areas for improvement across various safety aspects such as material handling, hazardous materials, driving, working from heights, lifting operations and confined spaces.

It is designed for:

  • Increasing worker engagement 
  • Capturing safety observations easily 
  • Highlighting areas for improvement 
  • Responding to safety concerns immediately 

The conference served as an ideal platform for Kianda EHSwise to connect with industry experts, share their insights, and gather invaluable perspectives to further enhance their workplace safety. 

Learn more about EHSwise Safety Kiosk. 

All-Ireland Occupational Safety Awards

One of the conference’s most anticipated moments was the All-Ireland Occupational Safety Awards dinner, a gala that celebrated exceptional contributions and achievements within Health and Safety. 

It was a ceremony of recognition, applauding the remarkable efforts of organisations and individuals who have left a lasting mark on Health and Safety practices and standards.

Kianda EHSwise’s active participation and impactful presence at the event underscore our dedication to innovation and the ongoing enhancement of EHS practices, reinforcing the importance of our contributions to Health and Safety. 

As we look ahead, we anticipate the continued growth and positive influence of EHSwise, as well as the broader Health and Safety community, in the years to come.

Click here to learn more about our Health and Safety Software – Kianda EHSwise 

EHSwise - Empowering Safety Excellence

EHSwise is an Environmental, Health & Safety software that empowers businesses to manage all of their Health & Safety requirements in one easy-to-use system

EHSwise digitalises EHS workflows, eliminating the need for paperwork or spreadsheets and can save businesses time and money in administration costs. 

Flexibility is key with EHSwise. Our configurable system offers frequently used modules (Incident, Audit, Observation, Inspection) alongside the flexibility to create personalised modules, forms and documents to suit your specific EHS needs.