Corrective Action Plan Workflow

Reduce Risk, Increase Efficiency

Increased regulatory pressures and quality initiatives require you to take a more proactive and automated approach to corrective and preventive action processes.

Progress CAPA requests through flexible and effective steps

Simplify the entire approach to your CAPA process and reduce the administrative work by transforming the process into a digital workflow made of critical steps: identifying the problem, detailing the action plan and resolution outcome.

Prevent future re-occurrence proactively

With an effective corrective and preventive action plan, you will address non-conformance and take proactive steps to prevent potential problems in the future.


Capture lessons

Capture lessons learned from today's problems for preventing future problems and non-conformances proactively.

Eliminate Excel sheets

Manage your entire process efficiently with online forms in real time and centralise all the data in a single place, eliminate Excel sheets.

Create a standard way

Create a standard way to address deficiencies to bring transparency and to make sure everyone follows the same way.

Easy reporting

Track & report on key metrics, monitor progress for a robust quality control. Easily share custom reports with other stakeholders.


No it will not. Our licensing fees are based on number of users who are building workflows and interacting with forms. You can add unlimited forms or workflows as you need without any additional charges.

Yes, we provide application support. Additional custom solution support is also available on demand for helping you to build tailor made solutions.

When you register for a live demo, we will contact you shortly to book a convenient time for your demo. You will get answers to your unique questions and find out why Kianda is the right choice for you.

You won't need to have programming skills or hire developers to customise forms. When you first start watch the training videos to help you get going. Our support is also available to assist you.

Yes absolutely. You can add as many users as you wish. You can simply get in touch with us at to discuss what options are available to you.

Yes, with Kianda you can build workflows that are made of multiple forms (workflow steps) allowing you automate your business pocesses from the start to the end.

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