The No-Code Effect: Construction & Manufacturing Edition (watch on-demand)


The No-Code Effect: Construction & Manufacturing Edition (watch on-demand)

Watch The No-Code Effect on demand to hear from industry experts on how no-code is playing an essential role in the digital transformation of the construction & manufacturing industries and preparing them for the future.

Like many other industries, the pandemic has highlighted how digital can be an exceptionally transformative investment for the construction and manufacturing industries. Enabling companies to boost productivity and engage and communicate with their employees, customers, and stakeholders in a way that they didn’t think possible. 

Watch on-Demand: No-code effect

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The No-code Effect: Construction & Manufacturing Edition

Industry 4.0. Enabling new ways of production, value creation, and real-time optimisation

The technologies making Industry 4.0 possible leverage existing and new data sources to gain efficiencies on multiple levels, transform existing production processes, create end-to-end information streams across the value chain and realise new services and business models.

Despite being fully aware of its benefits, business and IT leaders in the construction and manufacturing industry find it challenging to implement digital transformation plans due to long leading times and high costs. As a result, they can lag behind more innovative and forward-thinking competitors.

Watch our latest event The No-Code Effect: Construction & Manufacturing Edition to collaborate and learn from real-life scenarios of how some companies are leading the way in digital construction by employing the no-code / low-code approach to meet their software development needs.

You will hear from industry experts on how no-code plays a vital role in the digital transformation of the construction & manufacturing industries. This event is for IT or digital leaders looking to innovate and simplify their digitisation journey is within the construction / engineering / manufacturing industries. 

In these session, we discuss the insights from forward-thinking organisations that prioritised their investment, such as:

Limitless workflow automation

Modern way of digital transformation

An increased understanding of how digitisation can benefit the construction / engineering / manufacturing industries.

Hear from
industry experts

The No-Code Effect features a panel of industry experts exploring digitalisation, no-code and innovative technologies.


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K{no}w Code

An informed knowledge of the support, software and digital tools that are available in the realm of no-code digitalisation.


Tracy Kenneally of Kianda

Tracy Kenneally

HOST - Channel and Content Marketing Manager, Kianda Technologies

Osvaldo Sousa, CEO of Kianda

Osvaldo Sousa

CEO of Kianda | Low-code and no-code business process automation

Chris Fitzpatrick of Ardmac

Chris Fitzpatrick

Leading Digital Transformation at Ardmac

Dr. Noel Carroll of Citizen Development Lab

Dr. Noel Carroll

Founder of Citizen Development Lab at National University of Galway, Ireland

Paul Doyle of Beta Digital

Paul Doyle

Partner at Beta Digital- Management Advisory & Leadership

Gauri Seth of Comfort Engineers

Gauri Seth

Chief Improvement Officer at Comfort Engineers

Avril Behan of TU Dublin

Avril Behan

Principal Investigator | Faculty of Engineering & Built Environment, TUD

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