The Rise of No-Code: Digital Transformation Accelerated (watch on-demand)


The Rise of No-Code: Digital Transformation Accelerated (watch on-demand)

Watch The Rise of No-code on demand to discover how no-code / low-code accelerates and simplifies digital transformation for companies and people. Hear from experts on how you can take advantage of the no-code platforms that are making the greatest impact.

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Using low-code development to enhance quality management

IT leaders are currently facing increasing challenges around enterprise application delivery. The growing requirement for software development professionals has already resulted in a resources shortage of 40M workers worldwide and forecasts a deficit of 85.2M by 2030 according to US labor statistics. This is impacting the ability to deliver increasing levels of business automation rapidly and reliably.

Gartner predicts that by 2025, 70% of new applications developed by enterprises will use low-code or no-code technologies. The impact of this will see in-house teams building solutions with no coding background and see the implementation of low-code or no-code solutions become standard in the next few years.



(HOST) Noel Davidson

Director of Training at Entrepreneurs Academy

image 84@2x

Ron Immink

Best-selling Author and Entrepreneur

image 86@2x

Derya Sousa

COO and Co-founder of Kianda Technologies

Jamie Caine, Leading Practice at Rise of No-code

Jamie Caine

VP Enterprise Management at LEADing Practice

image 87@2x

Jill Maidment

Director at Natural Talent

image 85@2x

Sam Sibley

Global Head of Citizen Developer at PMI

Kristen Youngs of Coaching No Code Apps at Rise of No-code

Kristen Youngs

Co-founder of Coaching No code Apps

Brad Revell of Infor at Rise of No-code

Brad Revell

Senior Director and Head of Digital Strategy at Infor

Jeanette Forbes of PCL Group at Rise of No-code

Jeanette Forbes

CEO of PCL Group

Tony Moroney, Beta Digital at Rise of No-code

Tony Moroney

Founder & Managing Partner at Beta Digital

Jennifer Stirrup of Data Relish at Rise of No-code

Jennifer Stirrup

CEO and Co-founder of Data Relish

David Moise of Decide Consulting at Rise of No-code

David Moise

President of Decide Consulting

Sofie Van Der Bruggen of Aji Bio-Pharma at Rise of No-code

Sofie Van Der Bruggen

Senior SharePoint Consultant, Aji Bio-pharma

Paul Clarke of at Rise of No-code

Paul Clarke

Director of

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