Aviation company implements entire HR system from onboarding to holiday requests and simplifies everyday work

CompanyAviation company
IndustryAirlines / Aviation
Automated HR workflows, eliminated paperwork
Greater process efficiency
Significantly reduced development time

Streamlined HR processes save time and money

Aviation company engaged with Kianda Technologies to explore ways to streamline their complex employee onboarding process. Being an international organisation with offices across the globe, most of their processes like onboarding, involve several departments and regions.

Manually managing each employee onboarding process and maintaining up-to-date employee information were causing major challenges due to the lack of visibility around approvals and difficulties in identifying process bottlenecks.

Easy to manage
data connectors

Seamless connection to other data systems empowered the company to deploy integrated solutions.

Great customer

Providing excellent support to transform inefficient paper-based processes into digital workflows with higher visibility.


Intuitive, no-code
workflow designer

Users can easily and quickly amend existing processes and create new forms and workflows themselves.

Company wanted to move from time-consuming manual methods to easy to track digital HR workflows for their onboarding process and most of the other office related paper processes.

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Prior to using Kianda we were looking for a solution that would be able to provide us ways to implement a sophisticated onboarding process which involved a necessity for functionality that we, at that point, did not have.”

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Renats Valiahmetovs

Production System Administrator

Initially, they started using Kianda for their employee onboarding process in which departments, approvals, tasks and data source connections were involved. Kianda offered a solution that integrates into the company’s existing SharePoint environment and other systems. Streamlining of this process flow and task management, have reduced significantly time and resource requirements in their organisation and now new hires have everything they need to do their job while HR and IT admins free up time to do higher value work.

Zane Zelenina, Software Specialist says:

“At the beginning of our partnership Kianda team spent a great effort getting to know our company and our needs”.

Following a successful first implementation, they moved their other processes into Kianda.

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“Since then, Kianda team has helped us to significantly improve our on-/off-boarding process and move other various processes, like vacation requests and business trips, from the previous solution to Kianda. Our company has benefitted from, not needing to manage separate licenses for users inside Kianda, automated on-/off-boarding processes involving external partner and digitalising most of the office related paper processes”.

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Zane Zelenina

Software Specialist

Like in many other businesses, requirements evolve, operations change, existing processes need adjustments to meet these changes. With Kianda’s intuitive and easy-to-use no code process development interface, the team can now easily adjust and update processes.

“Our users now can easily amend the existing processes and forms, receive an email notification saying what has been changed in the process. Our process designers now can establish processes more efficiently by, reducing the design time by duplicating objects inside the process, saving effort on managing permissions by setting synchronization between Kianda groups and Active Directory or SharePoint groups, easy connections between the Kianda app and SQL or Oracle databases”, says Zane.

Kianda enabled the company to create and deploy an integrated solution that empowers its growing mobile workforce and make the most of the company’s existing IT investments in SharePoint, saving on development time and costs.

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“We are happy with the results Kianda has delivered and having them always on the reach and deliver when needed is a huge game changer for us. We are currently continuing to work with Kianda on improving the existing processes and on launching the offline forms for pilots and cabin crew on their mobile devices.”

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Zane Zelenina

Software Specialist (for SharePoint and Office 365)