Microfinance company reduces loan approval times 200% with automated workflows

Company Somicre
Website somicre.com
Industry Microfinance
Country Angola
Automated workflows significantly increased user engagement
Loan approval process fully built in-house using no-code
Mobile app with offline capabilities eliminated manual re-work

Somicre reduces loan approval times and brings efficiency to their operations

Somicre is a microfinance company, operating in Angola, offering access to a wide range of affordable, high quality financial products and services, including not just credit but also savings, insurance, payment services, and fund transfers.

Somicre contacted Kianda Technologies to explore ways to improve their time and resource consuming paper-based microfinance loan approval process and a solution where they could use to gather customer data while their workers are in the field in remote locations with no internet connection.

Prior to using Kianda, on receival of a loan approval request, the finance team were dealing with paper-based tasks until the request gets approved, emails were sent back and forth, with very limited visibility of the progress of the process.

Automated workflow integrated with emails

Using Kianda, Somicre have automated their microfinance loan approval process which fully integrates with the company mailbox. Users receive automatic notifications to complete loan applications and can carry out loan approvals at any time.

Better in-house control and customer satisfaction

Digitising loan approvals using no-code development enabled the company to enhance microfinance workflows themselves without any coding, reduce loan approval times and significantly improve customer satisfaction, without adding new resources.


High performance and
easy data reporting

Streamlining workflows rapidly gave better visibility, transparency and insight into loan approval processes. Easy-to-use custom dashoboards offer detailed overview of progress, efficiency in customer data collection and faster responses to customers.

They implemented an automated workflow solution with Kianda that integrates to their emails. When a loan application arrives to company mailbox, customer service and finance team get notified straight away to review and act upon, giving them full visibility of the loan approval and request process and the progress of it.

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At Somicre, we were looking for a flexible solution to provide us a better way to manage our loan approval process which was made of paper-based tasks.
Somicre Case Study of Kianda Platform

Solange Silva

Managing Director, Somicre

Also, Somicre uses the platform for managing other customer queries. When a query comes from a customer, starting from logging it to the system, distributing required tasks to the related departments, resolutions and follow-ups. With Kianda dashboards, real time analytical data is available to the customer services team and managers to monitor the progress and act fast if there are any bottlenecks in the customer services operations.

Additional to loan approvals, company was looking for a solution that would work off-line to gather their customer information while workers are on the fields.

Somicre representatives can now submit information to the system while they are in the remote locations. Using Kianda’s off-line capabilities, they are able to execute this process when network does not work.

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“I’m saving more than 60 percent of my time on approvals and maintaining up-to-date customer data with automated Kianda workflows“

Somicre Case Study of Kianda Platform

Solange Silva

Managing Director, Somicre

The Kianda platform offers a solution that enables speed and efficiency so that employees manage increased volume of loan approval requests anywhere anytime with ease. Delays in getting back to customers become something from the past.

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“A simple loan approval process previously could take up to 2 weeks to complete. Now with Kianda workflows it takes on average 4 days to complete. This is a massive improvement to the way we operate.”

Somicre Case Study of Kianda Platform

Solange Silva

Managing Director, Somicre

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