Incident Report Form

Capture Incidents Immediately

Digital incident reporting simply improves the entire process of documenting any event that may or may not have caused personal injury, illness or damage in a workplace. It provides visibility and key metrics to responsible managers.

Capture key details immediately, submit forms from any device

Our effective incident report form allows you to capture key details as soon as possible, attach related photos and submit from any device immediately.

Digitally sign and generate PDF reports easily

Overall workflow starts with inspector/requestor providing details of an incident and attaching photos related to the incident. Following this, review phase starts to classify and take necessary actions and finally it is completed with closure where managers sign and PDF document is generated.

quality inspection checklist form

Take actions faster

Reduce the time it takes for people to report incidents. Collect evidence and track actions immediately.

Paperless forms

All incident data will be captured within the app, collected in real time, eliminating all paperwork.

Audit trails

Capture key incident details, track tasks and provide digital signatures for regulatory purposes.

Attach photos

Easily attach photos and documents related to the incident and generate PDF documents.


No it will not. Our licensing fees are based on number of users who are building workflows and interacting with forms. You can add unlimited forms or workflows as you need without any additional charges.

Yes, we provide application support. Additional custom solution support is also available on demand for helping you to build tailor made solutions.

When you sign up for free 14 days trial, you will have access to all the features of the platform and unlimited forms. To become subscribed customers simply get in touch with us at After you become a subscribed customer you can use still all the forms you have created during your trial.

You won't need to have programming skills or hire developers to customise forms. When you first start watch the training videos to help you get going. Our support is also available to assist you.

Yes absolutely. If you are running your free trial you can add as many users as you wish. After you subscribe you can simply get in touch with us at to discuss what options are available to you.

Yes, with Kianda you can build workflows that are made of multiple forms (workflow steps) allowing you automate your business pocesses from the start to the end.

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