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Kianda workflow software helps companies tackle COVID-19 impacts

Many companies are searching for rapid ways to tackle COVID-19 impacts to the business.  Local Enterprise Office Ireland highlights how Kianda workflow software helps companies across the globe throughout COVID-19. Using Kianda, companies have implemented rapid and effective digital business applications. That is, in response to COVID-19. May it be for a new process that was developed

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Osvaldo Sousa - TechCentral Kianda feature

Engineered Simplicity – Digital Process Automation Made Simple

Great to see our expert Osvaldo Sousa featured in the TechPro Magazine December 2019 Edition focused on Business Automation. A modern approach to process automation Osvaldo explains how Kianda takes a fresh approach to process automation. As a result, users can move in a more agile and flexible manner. Going through the big cycle of diagrams where

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Digital construction and online forms

Digital health and safety incident reporting in construction can save lives

Digital health and safety incident reporting in the construction industry Digital construction, digital incident management and online forms are becoming far more ingrained in the built environment. The use of digital health and safety incident reports are growing popular.  Health and safety lends itself well to automated business processes. Good catch practice forms significantly improve through automation.

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