Kianda launches EHSwise – a Health and Safety Software

We are thrilled to announce that we launched a new software product EHSwise  a Health and Safety software that empowers Health & Safety Leaders with digital tools and resources they need to ensure a safe working environment by streamlining Health & Safety processes. 

Our all-in-one health and safety software brings significant improvements in Environmental, Health and Safety management, helping you to protect workers’ lives, increase project profitability while ensuring compliance with industry regulations and gaining competitive advantages. 

Kianda’s CEO, Derya Sousa, said of the new software product: 

“The construction industry is like any other industry. Leaders in the industry need to deliver software solutions easily and quickly to maintain their competitive advantage and connect people to the processes. If they fail to embrace digital transformation and continue using outdated systems, prone to error, manual processes, they face the risk of being left behind. Kianda’s intuitive no-code technology provides a fast and easy way of delivering industry-specific software."

Derya Sousa Kianda CEO

Kianda EHSwise is a user-friendly, mobile and offline-capable software and allows teams to digitalise to streamline health and safety processes such as:

Our innovative and modern health and safety software will simplify health and safety management, allowing you to protect workers, deliver high-quality projects without compromising compliance while maintaining complete transparency from start-to-finish, providing real-time information to field and office workers.


“Working with leading construction and manufacturing companies, Kianda has built up experience and industry insights that we would like to share with a larger audience. We are excited to help more companies in the industry by providing them with the most flexible and modern health and safety software built for the future to help them move beyond manual processes and ensure compliance and profitability.”

EHSwise Health and Safety Software offers a range of features, including real-time monitoring and reporting of EHS incidents, customizable alerts and notifications. With our software, you’ll have the information you need to proactively identify and address EHS risks, and demonstrate compliance with regulations.  

EHSwise will not only save construction and manufacturing companies thousands but will also make their workplaces a lot safer. 

Your teams can use EHSwise to collaborate and complete their health and safety tasks quickly and efficiently by recording events and observations in real-time with apps that work anywhere.  

EHSwise software is completely customisable and can be changed to suit any project no matter the scale. Your team can also use the software to interact with subcontractors to avoid unnecessary cost disputes and transfer across any data from previous health and safety systems.   

Trusted by global brands, like; Mercury EngineeringLagan Homes, Kirby, H&MV, Leo Lynch, AJI Bio Pharma and DEMEDEME is a world leader in the highly specialised fields of dredging, marine infrastructure, and offshore energy and are one of the leading engineering organisations currently using Kianda software to digitise their EHSQ management with more than 10,000 employees.    

Laura Leysen, System and Tools Manager at DEME said:

“Using Kianda, we made great improvements in our EHSQ Management, we can now work with the data. We are really happy with the results and we also see the benefits and the happiness within our end-users.”

Since Kianda’s launch in 2017, we have been revolutionising industries across the world, offering no-code / low-code solutions to make a seamless and innovative working environment.  

The Kianda no-code platform breaks down barriers to business innovation by offering a flexible, user-friendly approach to app development and empowering project professionals, citizen developers and professional developers to bridge the digital skills gap and keep pace with new demands and growth. 

If you are looking to invest in an all-in-one EHS management system, check out Kianda EHSwise and get in touch with us to learn more about our health and safety software and how it can fit your requirements.