Meet Kianda at the European Collab Summit, Dusseldorf

We look forward to participating in The European Collaboration Summit, also known as Collab Summit, at the Düsseldorf fair in Germany, from November 29 – December 1 2021. Come and find us at Booth #77.

See citizen development in action at The European Collab Summit

Come and talk to us about no-code and discover how Kianda can help you accelerate your digital journey. That is, with rapid and flexible application development and business process automation.

The European Collaboration Summit (Collab Summit), is the largest community-driven conference in the world. Moreover, it focuses on modern workplace technologies and digital transformation, with topics such as Office 365, Teams, SharePoint, and Kianda No-code Platform. 

The Kianda team are delighted to have the opportunity to present in person again at this event. And we look forward to seeing you there.

The Collab Summit is a three-day community event where world-leading experts and speakers deliver a range of “what’s new” and “best practices” sessions. During the event, we will aim to bring business and technology together and help the conference delegates make sound decisions in the rapidly changing world of digital transformation. 

No-code digitalisation... Enabling modern agility

We have all witnessed how recent events have forced change upon us. For instance, in the case of IT leaders, being empowered to adapt and innovate was critical. Simply to help their organisations compete and elemental to business survival.

No-code... The solution to technical debt?

IT departments were tasked to leverage technology in ways that weren’t on anyone’s radar in pre-covid times around February 2020. For example, across every industry, from SME to Global organisations, management and employees alike looked to their IT colleagues to offer overnight solutions. That is, to prevent imminent business catastrophe. As a result, those that could adapt quickly survived and even thrived. On the other, those that couldn’t then struggled to meet the needs of a rapidly-changing world.

The introduction of no-code platforms such as Kianda enabled that change. We are looking forward to showcasing our next-generation no-code platform at The European Collaboration Summit. 

Empowered by the Kianda no-code development and business process automation platform, our clients were able to pivot quickly and react with the right solutions rapidly. In the same vein, they had that flexible ability to create and launch apps in ONE day. Above all, Kianda enables you to develop applications and automate workflows at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional development. Simply, it puts the power in the hands of those that need the change most.

While the pandemic is slowly receding, the learnings still apply. As well, the business imperative to remain adaptable won’t ever go away. While none of us know for sure what the future holds, you can be sure that your ability to react quickly and develop new solutions will be crucial to success.

Check out our booth – #77 at The European Collab Summit to learn how Kianda can help you accelerate digitalisation.

Digital application development and process automation can efficiently help you create and manage forms, workflows, apps, and processes.

Kianda is a digital application development and process automation platform helping companies to easily undergo digital transformation. That is, through digital forms and workflows, companies can easily automate and manage their business processes.

Talk to us about no-code at European Collab Summit!

At EU Collab Summit in Dusseldorf, we’ll take a deep dive into the issues that IT leaders need to master if they want to accelerate their organisation’s digital transformation and deliver innovation as fast as their business and the market demands.

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