Kianda sponsors female basketball team

Kianda sponsors Ongar chasers basketball

Kianda sponsors female basketball team for Dublin Ongar Chasers Girls U14s

Our COO, Derya Sousa is pictured on the right alongside Ongars Chasers Girls U14s and their coach, as Kianda sponsors local sport and physical activity.

Derya proudly holds the young girls new basketball kit that features the Kianda logo. Emphasizing her delight to support young females Derya says:

“This makes me even prouder to play a small part in Dublin Ongar Chasers Girls U14s team’s success… Next generation of bright, successful business women”.

Demonstrating female empowerment in her career, sports and physical activity and personal life, Derya continues to aspire and inspire.

“As an ex-pro basketball player, I know how hard it can be to get the recognition that women’s sport deserves… Female players can still be undervalued as a result of lack of support and coverage”, she says.

She's back in the game!

Twenty years later, she has returned to the courts and is back playing ball along with managing and operating Kianda. As well as that, Derya tries to balance work and also her personal life with her family, CEO Osvaldo Sousa and two children.

“To my delight, after 20 years of being away from basketball courts, now I am back! Never thought I would return to play again while running a business and trying to balance work and family life.”

As Kianda proudly sponsors female basketball team, Derya saw this as an opportunity to get back in the game!

"Sport and physical activity have a powerful and positive impact on mental health and wellbeing", says Derya.

So, if there’s anything we can learn, it is never too late to rekindle some old hobbies we have previously enjoyed. Especially, when they are good for you and sport and physical activity are definitely worth investing your time into.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 33% of adults in Ireland do not get enough sufficient exercise.

Many people struggle to find time to exercise or participate in sport and physical activity. However, looking after your mental health and your well-being should be included in everybody’s list of priorities.

Make sure to spare some time for sports, no matter what age you are or how busy your schedule is.

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